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I am not sure if it is okay to say that I am foodie as I am really picky with what I eat, but yes, I love eating and enjoy what I eat. I love food from all cuisines, the only problem with me is, I don't eat meat, so finding a place in Brussels which serves only fish or different dishes of fish was pretty tricky. I am basically a pescetarian who also eats chicken. Doesn't make sense, I know.πŸ€”πŸ€”

To summarize, all in all, I love sea food. I came to Brussels two months ago and I am still trying out different things here, and in the process of exploring all the options, I came across this place called Bia Mara, which has a rather different concept than usual food joints. They serve fish and chips along with Belgian and craft beer. Well, Bia Mara means "sea food" in Irish and it is a chain of Irish restaurants. Their menu is quite simple, 6 basic options of fish and chips consisting of Tempura and Panko. Each dish is with a different fish and a different recipe, w…
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This might be the silliest post that I have ever written but this is coming straight from my heart. These are the places which I want to visit and hopefully live for a couple of months. It would be a dream come true if I cover all these places. I have already been to a couple of places and that's the reason they are at the bottom of the list. I didn't want to be biased to any of the place so I have listed them down alphabetically. I am smart, aren't I?

Barcelona: city in Spain.

Bled: town in Slovenia.

Copenhagen: capital of Denmark.

Dubrovnik: city in Croatia. Walls of Dubrovnik are as ancient as the time itself.

Helsinki: capital of Finland.

Malta: country in Europe.

Prague: capital of Czech Republic.

Santorini: island in the Aegean sea. Country-Greece

Dubai: city in UAE.

London: capital of England. Lived here for almost a year, one of the most amazing year of my life.

Amsterdam: capital of Netherlands. Been there, got stoned, visited Keukenhof.

Venice: city in Ita…


Hello galpals,
I am starting a new series in which I will pick a favorite item every month which I have used and loved and feel that it deserves a separate blog post. Well, I have been going crazy over some of the products I have bought from Lush. And before I had bought anything, I had rambled on in so many post that I have to buy so many products from here. You guys might already be bored with my Lush talk but please bear with me one more time as I have come across something amazingπŸ™†πŸ™†. I bought some products, some I was just curious to try, so I asked for samples. Lush is really generous with the samples. The hair care products samples last up to two uses, depending on the hair volume and length where as the skincare samples lasts up to a month, of course depending on the usage.

I have tried the face wash, shampoo, definitely the conditioner, henna, soap, body lotion, eye cream and the unexpected of the unexpected, moisturizer which has SPF and highlighter. Yes, it is none other …


Hello love,πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡
Girls and confusion are synonyms or so guys think. Being a girl, I don't agree with it but yes, there are certain areas where it is very easy to get confused. Today's post is about one such area, which is none other than the lipstick. They are girl's best friend indeed. Their importance can only be next to a tissue in the handbag, don't you agree?

Using the right shade can make a lot of difference in ones appearance. So, the question is - which shade is the right shade? I could live with one less question.What do you think, if you want to solve the lipstick dilemma, keep reading.

In general, I stick to 2 colors or different shades of these 2 colors - Pink and Red.

The shade of lipstick is a very personal thing and has to be decided carefully. Every shade looks different on different people. Well, I have tried everything from baby pink to glossy, mauvy pink. The dark pink shades with a hint of brown looks great on me but I can't say the same about t…


He was a prisoner of his own mind, bound in chains so heavy that everything was an effort. Everytime he closed his eyes he was transported to the one place he was absolutely scared of. He could still smell the bleach from the hospital, see everything pale and white and grey. It constricted his throat, knowing that no one could ever understand what he was going through. The guilt was almost as massive as himself, pulling him down to the bottom of his heart. He wondered if it still existed, whether it will be the same as before? Warm, carefree, joyful.
He could not bring himself to think that he let go of his mentor who was in too much pain. But it was an impossible decision to make, choose to keep him close in pain or let him rest forever in heaven. His was a fighter, like his father, never giving up, questioning his decision infinitely only to be at the same place and same time. He knew that past was carved in stone and no thinking however deep could turn back time. His dreams were v…


It wasn't cold but she could see the air misting. She wondered how could that be, she decided to check it out. She parted her lips and let out a breath of air, it vanished without misting. She felt she was the most cold blooded person ever but today she didn't see any other signs of cold in the weather. Neither her nose was red or runny nor her lips pale, her cheek didn't burn with the cold, no wind in her hair. She wished it could snow so that the entire world could feel what she felt. Cold, detached, like a stone, wreaking havoc upon the world.

She pondered further only to drift in the past. She could feel the judgement coming from her safe place. She construed it as a sign of lack of faith. She knew she was right in feeling so because when you trust you don't judge. She felt like something unwanted only to be given to someone else who was even more unwilling. She felt bounded and chained and imprisoned. She looked at her hands with pain in her eyes. Her eyes droppe…


If nothing, she was a hopeless romantic.  Believing in all that was good and pure, living life, loving life, smiling at her troubles, dreaming of the future, reckless in her own way. She believed that she was indestructible as her spirit was tied to the Sun. It was her inspiration, shining bright day after day, never tiring, never fearing anything in it's way.

Time passed, as the sun rose and the sun set, her smile was brightest during the day. She rose with the sun, she slept with the sun till one day she felt undone. That night, in the dark, she felt her heart crushed. Her eyes welled up and her throat choked up. The pallor of her own quivering lips frightened her. Her heart was full of sorrow, upto the brim. Shaken to her core, she couldn't take it any more. For she for not the crying kind, she poured her heart than her eyes. Somber, she wrote till the hour of the owl in the night, thoughts after thoughts, till her heart was hollow and light.

For one might wonder what had …


She was drunk and delusional, with the wine pumping in her veins and her heart beating out of her chest. It felt that her head would roll of her shoulders if she was not careful. Neither did she know that wine is not to be gulped than sipped nor it was not to be had on an empty stomach. She did both in ignorance and found herself feeling like Alice in Wonderland, falling down a tunnel, loosing control of everything. It was a challenge staying conscious but she had to as there was no choice given to her. She was far from home or the home she remembered at that time, she saw faces of the people she missed but she was sure that it just her heart playing cruel tricks on her.

Being in public demanded certain courtesy from her and she knew it but she had given up control on herself and found herself floating to the place she wanted to be. She laughed with people, talked with people, enjoyed the company of the people without feeling inhibitions. She could almost float out of her body and se…


Prologue: This is a guest post from a dear friend who in her own words, wants to remain "anonymous" from the world.
It took a little over last quarter of century for her solitude to be broken down and shattered into pieces. For long her role had been of a avid listener, a thoughtful kid and an assiduous company. It gave her immense joy to be of some service to people.In a world full of consumerism there are many things that could possibly be offered but none as solid a therapy as a small reassurance ,a shoulder to cry on and a heartfelt listening. She ,never being bitten by the worldly norms was able to serve until then.
Though these few years haven't change her need to serve but has weakened her offerings. Till the time you are naive into the working of capitalist world your reach is boundless and sans any fear. As you become accustomed to worldly norms it chains you to  a virtually non existent realities like societal positioning and etiquette. She too like any ordinar…


Saint Mary's Royal Church in Schaerbeek is my latest discovery. I say as if it was undiscovered and I am the one who "found" it but I came across it accidentally on an evening walk. This place is the best place or at least the second best place in my opinion😍😍. Grand Place was my favorite spot in Brussels till last week but now I am confused😯😯.

Coming back to the point, this is a Roman catholic parish church and my favorite church at the moment. It is a normal church, I mean other churches that I have been to were grander in one way or the other. And if you are walking towards the church you might not feel anything at allπŸ˜›πŸ˜›. As I said it's a regular church but the moment you look back from the church, that view is incredible. Honestly, I haven't been inside the church, but that view from the base of the church captivates my mind. I have never seen anything like itπŸ€“πŸ€“. A picture here would have been perfect to show what I am talking about but I neither hav…


Hello from 2 future Hobos,

We both love travelling and we have been thinking of bag packing through the entire of Europe. The question remains : How long would it take to properly cover all the countries in Europe? Do we cover all the countries or a select few? Do we visit only the touristy places or we actually see how the locals live there? Where do we start from? Where do we finish? How often do we move from one place to another or do we sleep at a different place every night? Do we save enough to do all this or we work as we travel? Do we take a sabbatical from our current jobs or we just quit and become HOBOS? Do we have a working holiday or just travel like a bum doing nothing other than sight seeing and sleeping... in short enjoying life.

I can imagine us by the sea side, holding hands, watching the sunset with our feet in the sand, the waves gently washing our feet on a warm summer evening. I can almost smell the sea. This could be a beach in Spain.

Us sitting by the fire on …


I hope you had a lovely weekend. This was my most hectic week in Brussels so far, I can't believe I was working yesterday. Working on weekend sucks,πŸ˜πŸ˜’ I don't think that any one will disagree with me there. I am not very excited at the idea of going to work tomorrow but I guess I don't have a choice.

Speaking of going to work/out, let's talk about my make up routine. For a person who is always running late no matter where or when or how, I have to keep my make up routine pretty simple so that I spend the least time possible and head out the door.

I wash my face while I am in the shower and I tone my face if I have the time for it otherwise I move on to the serum. I recently included a multi tasking serum in my skincare routine. Then I move on to sunscreen which is a must for me in all the seasons. Ensure to apply sunscreen to your neck as well as it needs to be protected too. Recently I got an ugly bout of pimples and they left few scars so I have a apply a b…


Disclaimer:This is an unusually long post, so if you decide to read it, get a cup of hot chocolate or coffee or green tea(whatever is your thing) before starting!

It's a long weekend and I was still figuring out what to do on 3 days-Saturday, Sunday and Monday apart from grocery shopping and laundry. Then I got to know from a friend that there are free walking tours of the city at various times of the day and I thought it would be a great way to discover all the touristy places in a day. I am not sure whether there are free tours on weekdays. But it's there for Saturdays and Sundays for sure. Free tour - you must be wondering how it works so let me tell you the idea behind it. You don't have to buy any tickets up front but when the tour ends you are supposed to make a judgement on your behalf how much the tour was worth and you pay at the end. If someone doesn't like the way the tour is progressing or the information provided by the tour guide is not up to their likin…


Hallo from Brussels or Bruxelles as the French call it!

All my life, when ever I had a pizza and I complained that the pizza was not cheesy enough or I wish I had ordered a cheese burst pizza instead... All such complaints have been heard. I am in Brussels and cheese is generously used here, be it sandwich or pasta or cheese as a snack. Today I was checking the options for pasta and the choices were one cheese pasta or four cheese pasta. Well it started on the flight itself, the sandwich which was served was so cheesy and delicious.

It's not a week yet since my arrival and I thought of writing about my first impression of Brussels today. So let's start from the airport, after immigration check, getting a taxi was really easy, all I had to do was, get in line, wait for my turn, give the hotel address and enjoy the view on the way to the hotel. It was a beautiful sunny morning with the clear skies. The outskirts looked very sparsely populated till we reached the city center. Al…


I just thought I will write about all the skincare and other items that I bought in the last few months. I used these products for a few weeks/months before writing this post so that I could give opinion about those products, whether they were worth the money or not.

## I started this post in Bangalore but couldn't finish it as I was insanely busy with packing for Brussels so I am finishing it here in Abu Dhabi waiting for my connecting flight to Brussels. I also missed by Sunday timeline as it is technically 03:00 in India but I am in a different time zone, don't know if that counts.

Clinique Clarifying Lotion: I am in a love hate relationship with this product. Some day I feel it really clears up my skin, some days I feel it does nothing. I am half way through the bottle and I am not sure if I am going to buy it again. I think, I might try to get the one suitable for dry combination skin. Currently the one which I am using is for combination oily skin.πŸ˜•πŸ˜•

Origins Drink Up In…