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Ho ho ho.
With just two weeks to go for Christmas, we are all hunting for the perfect gift for friends and family. I even ordered a few things to gift myself this Christmas. Then I thought I would put together a gift guide for him and her. I am not sure if gifts for him are going to be appropriate so please feel free to comment on the post with the perfect gifts in your opinion. Let's get started.

MAC lipstick: You can't go wrong with a MAC lipstick! They have hundreds of shades in so many different types of finishes that there is something for everyone. I personally prefer Satin finish as they are hydrating with slight sheen. A red lipstick is the perfect Christmas gift. MAC does lipsticks palette as well which cost less compared to individual lipsticks.

Perfumes: They are too many luxury perfumes to choose from. There have been many perfume releases this year and some of my favorites are
Because it's you by Giorgio Armani
Giorgio Armani Prive
Black Opium by YSL
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Hello everyone,
This is a slightly unusual topic than the ones I have written so far in the last eight months. This post is about preparing for IELTS and getting the best score that you can. IELTS is nothing but International English Language Testing System. I took IELTS twice, once in 2016 and once in September this year. I took a second attempt to improve my scores and the credit for that fully goes to my spouse. He believed that I could do better.

Basics first,
There are two types of exams - General training(I appeared for this one) and Academic. Academic is basically for people who are pursing higher education in an English speaking country. Whereas General training is for people who want to go for training programs or immigrate to an English speaking country. There is a difference in Reading and Writing test between the 2 modules. However, the fee is same for both the modules. Identify the objective and then decide which exam is suitable for you.
The IELTS exam slots are usually…


When in Rome, do as the Romans do. But what do the Romans do?

I was in Rome for only a day that meant that I could pick one place that I wanted to visit and the Colosseum was the obvious choice. If you don't have much time in Italy, you could plan for Rome and the Vatican together. One day is sufficient to cover the Vatican city. Rome and Vatican travel cards are available in 2 options- 1 day and 3 days, so depending on how long you have you can decide on the kind of day card you want. For day trips, you could drop your luggage at any cloak room and pick it up later in the evening or when it's convenient for you.

How to get there: Piazza Del Colosseo station on the 3 and 8 tram line or line B of the underground metro. Details on metro ticket and metro map can be found here.
Buying tickets: When we got to the Colosseum, there was a really long line for the ticket as well as for the entry. I would advise to book the tickets online in advance so that your visit will be easy. We …


Hello fellow travelers,
Bruges has been on my list forever and finally I am going there! Yes, I am on the train now and I am looking forward to exploring all the beautiful places. Let's see how it goes.

Before starting with the actual content, I would like to mention 2 things.
Firstly, if you traveling on weekend, book round trip ticket to avail 50% discount on the return journey. This is valid both on the counter as well as online.
Secondly, the cost per person for the round trip from Brussels, all expenses included came to 35€. We had not gone for the canal boat ride.

Well, we reached at noon so we headed straight to Domino's before starting our tour. After having 2 XXL pizza, some chicken popcorns and Coke we started walking towards our first destination which was none other than the St. Salvatore Cathedral. Since it was a day visit, none of the museums were on our radar. I am sure all the museums are interesting and informative but today was not about them.

Bruges could no…


Hello holiday lovers,
It's November and I can almost smell Christmas now, can you too? Christmas means buying gifts for your loved ones and yourself. I am really poor at picking gifts for anyone in general and the idea of advent calendars comforts me as you can never go wrong with those. If you don't know what an advent calendar is, let me explain. It's a calendar that leads up to something special, sort of a countdown. Every day on the calendar has a different gift which is to be opened on that day. It is supposed to keep the excitement levels high while you are waiting for Christmas. There are multiple advent calendars available by different brands.

Why to buy?
Firstly, the value of the advent calendar is a lot more than they are actually priced at.
Secondly, it contains the travel sized products which are excellent if you travel a lot. I am guilty of hoarding travel sized products myself.
Thirdly, it is not possible to buy a number of products at the same time as it in…


Hello vacation lovers,
Of all the places that I have visited in Europe so far, Greece has been the warmest of them all. It is the perfect winter destination. If you are one of those people who chases the sun throughout the year, then you should plan for a trip there. Greece is also the most visited country in Europe due to it's rich culture and history. It is also due to it's perfect location as it is in close proximity to Asia and Africa.
How to reach there: "Eleftherios Venizelos" or Athens International Airport. After reaching the airport, you can take the metro from Athens International Airport metro station. The metro connectivity from the airport is excellent, the metro station is just outside the airport. To view the metro map, click here.

Best time to visit: Before April or after September.
Approximate cost for 2: 125 Euros per night.
Travel Essentials: sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, water and comfy shoes.

Acropolis alone has a lot to offer, starting from the Z…


Amsterdam! The land of tulips.
This is the coolest city in all of Europe. If you have been there you will agree with me in the blink of an eye. There are 2 kinds of things that you can do here and of course there is no hard distinction between the two but you know what I mean. Amsterdam is known for it's legalized prostitution and weed.
How to commute: metro, bicycle. Take a metro pass or rent a bicycle depending on your preference.

Best time to visit: April mid till September.

Approximate cost for 2: 100 Euros per night.

Cannabis coffee shop: If you are not a smoker then not to worry, there are other options for you. You could have the cannabis brownie or an ice cream to achieve your happy high. I was the sane one on this trip as he was absolutely stoned. Boy, cannabis makes him so chatty, more than me, trust me. Red-light district: It is one of the main tourist attraction that bring in millions of visitors every year. We strolled the small roads of the RLD which runs parallel t…


Ciao Venezia!
When you think of Venice, what comes up on your mind? Colorful floating houses, gondolas, islands, Grand Canal, bridges, gelatos and the scene from the movie Casino Royale or Tourist.

Best time to visit: April mid till September.

Approximate cost for 2: 200 Euros per night.

Before we start, you can reach here by train, Santa Lucia station by Trenitalia. Rule number one, download the Venice water way map or take a picture of it from the water bus stop. I have linked the map, just click on download. This should be sufficient to explore all the tourist places. Rule number two, take a day pass of the water taxi/water bus/vaporetto from the ACTV counter. Now those of you who fancy gondola ride must be thinking I don't want to take the water taxi, a word of advice for you. Gondola ride is more of a must have "experience" in my opinion but that is not the way to commute in Venice.

Rialto Bridge: This was my favorite spot in Venice. Why? There are shops on both si…


Bonjour Paris! The city of Light.

The most populous city of France and international capital of fashion. I went to Paris in March 2016 and boy, it was so cold. If I had known that I would have opted going in summer instead.
Anyways, there are 2 kinds of things that you can and should do in Paris - sight seeing, the usual touristy stuff and of course, SHOPPING.
Paris has good public transport - bus and metro. Step 1 is taking the 3 day metro pass and step 2 is downloading the Paris metro map on the phone. You could go for the daily pass but the 3 day pass will work out cheaper than the daily one.

Best time to visit: April mid till September.

Approximate cost for 2: 150 Euros per night.

Eiffel Tower - walk able from Champ de Mars Tour Eiffel or Bir-Hakeim station. This is the most popular tourist destination in Paris and is one of the most recognizable structures in the world. It has 3 different levels for visitors with restaurants on the first two. I regret not going on t…


Dear fellow traveler,
This post is to give you an idea about things to do in Brussels. To cover Brussels, 2-3 days is sufficient but if you are here for 7 days, these are the places that you are the activities that you could do. Brussels has excellent public transport - metro, trams and buses. It is ideal to take a daily pass and download a metro map on the mobile.

Day 1 - Brussels#WalkingTour If you are in the city for only a day, the best option is to go for the walking tour so that you cover most of the places in the city center - Grand Place, Mannekin Pis, Theatre Royal de la Monnaie. Day 2 - Beer If you are in Belgium and you don't try the beer then it's a shame. There are more than 2000 varieties of beer available. Delirium CafĂ©(De Brouckere metro station) is a good bar in the city center and has live music on Thursday evenings. Just in case you are there, don't forget to see Jeanneke Pis which is just opposite to the Delirium Cafe. It's a counterpart of Manneki…


Hello again,
Today I went to the Docks Bruxsel shopping district for the first time and I thought I would give a quick account of my experience. The word "district" reminds me of The Hunger Games, if you think so too, comment below.

Docks Bruxsel has just completed a year of it's opening and there is a birthday sale going on, or so I had heard. It is located in the heart of Brussels and is connected by tram so quite easy to reach. "Sale" got me excited and I decided that it was time to pay a visit. To get there, take a tram to the station Docks Bruxsel.

There were couple of things which are worth mentioning in my opinion. There are more than 100 stores and covers all the categories, like - beauty, fashion, food, leisure, footwear and home. The stores were bigger in comparison to Rue Nueve stores, which translates to larger collection. It has a UGC as well so if you get bored/tired of shopping you can catch up a movie. The shopping district is closed which is p…