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Bonjour Paris! The city of Light.

The most populous city of France and international capital of fashion. I went to Paris in March 2016 and boy, it was so cold. If I had known that I would have opted going in summer instead.
Anyways, there are 2 kinds of things that you can and should do in Paris - sight seeing, the usual touristy stuff and of course, SHOPPING.
Paris has good public transport - bus and metro. Step 1 is taking the 3 day metro pass and step 2 is downloading the Paris metro map on the phone. You could go for the daily pass but the 3 day pass will work out cheaper than the daily one.

Eiffel Tower - walk able from Champ de Mars Tour Eiffel or Bir-Hakeim station. This is the most popular tourist destination in Paris and is one of the most recognizable structures in the world. It has 3 different levels for visitors with restaurants on the first two. I regret not going on top of the Eiffel Tower, I wish to see the view from the top of the tower someday. The Eiffe…
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Dear fellow traveler,
This post is to give you an idea about things to do in Brussels. To cover Brussels, 2-3 days is sufficient but if you are here for 7 days, these are the places that you are the activities that you could do. Brussels has excellent public transport - metro, trams and buses. It is ideal to take a daily pass and download a metro map on the mobile.

Day 1 - Brussels#WalkingTour If you are in the city for only a day, the best option is to go for the walking tour so that you cover most of the places in the city center - Grand Place, Mannekin Pis, Theatre Royal de la Monnaie. Day 2 - Beer If you are in Belgium and you don't try the beer then it's a shame. There are more than 2000 varieties of beer available. Delirium Café(De Brouckere metro station) is a good bar in the city center and has live music on Thursday evenings. Just in case you are there, don't forget to see Jeanneke Pis which is just opposite to the Delirium Cafe. It's a counterpart of Manneki…


Hello again,
Today I went to the Docks Bruxsel shopping district for the first time and I thought I would give a quick account of my experience. The word "district" reminds me of The Hunger Games, if you think so too, comment below.

Docks Bruxsel has just completed a year of it's opening and there is a birthday sale going on, or so I had heard. It is located in the heart of Brussels and is connected by tram so quite easy to reach. "Sale" got me excited and I decided that it was time to pay a visit. To get there, take a tram to the station Docks Bruxsel.

There were couple of things which are worth mentioning in my opinion. There are more than 100 stores and covers all the categories, like - beauty, fashion, food, leisure, footwear and home. The stores were bigger in comparison to Rue Nueve stores, which translates to larger collection. It has a UGC as well so if you get bored/tired of shopping you can catch up a movie. The shopping district is closed which is p…


He loved thrill in his life, lived life for it, did anything for it. He lived on the edge to feel sane because that was the feeling he related best with, till one fine evening. He had recently lost his father and it was still heavy in his heart and fresh in his mind. So it is safe to say, it was his weak point.

Chapter 1-The Stranger
It was a foggy winter night, exactly the kind when all you want to do is snuggle in the bed with your lover. He went outside his hotel, on the pavement to smoke his troubles away, he tried to make puffs like he had seen in the movies. Lost in his thoughts, he gazed at his surroundings till a weeping lady caught his eyes. Intrigued he was, to know why a lady would weep publicly. He kept smoking and watching till the curious cat in him pushed him a step closer to her. His cigarette was over but he lit another one just to be there, deciding whether he should head back to his room, have a long bath to take the work day off him. The decision must hav…


Being a girl, I am always looking forward to shopping and I have literally exhausted all the options in the Brussels city center. So I decided to go for a day trip to a shopping village. I went to the Massmechelen shopping village at the end of July. It is located in Zetellaan, Belgium and it is in proximity to the 4 cities - Brussels, Antwerp, Cologne and Dusseldorf.

There were many reasons why I wanted to go there. The shopping village is open 7 days a week, 10:00-19:00, which is a Belgian miracle😻😻. There are offers / discount / price reductions through out the year as there are all many factory outlet stores of different high street brands to premium brands. You have to go there to see what these stores have as they don't have an online store for the shopping villages. The collection usually varies here from other stores for reason like, it being a factory outlet or it has items from previous season collections. So if you are looking for something which is sold out every wh…


Dubai will always hold a special place in my heart. That was the first time I had seen the world outside India and Dubai was ... mesmerizing with it's sky scrapers and high rise buildings. I was still in college and it was the summer vacation, 2nd year, 2008. Now that I recall about my one month stay from almost 10 years back, I just remember sleeping really long hours which annoyed my dad, giggling endlessly with my brother in the middle of the night(I don't remember what was so funny), having my mum's excellent food(putting on weight, not that it bothered me) and sight seeing on hot evenings in the months of May and June.

Every evening we used to go out for long walks, the 4 of us, beside creeks and harbors, feel the warm breeze gently caressing our faces. I am not really fond of water but the sight of pretty boats on the calm water really enticed me. It's such a shame we never went for a boat ride but it's on the list and will do it one day. We went to couple o…


Hello guys and gals,
It's weekend again. Today I just wanted to post about something that might sound silly - Believing in yourself. You know how we all feel sometimes, I need not tell you but still I would. Your body says you are so tired, you are burdened with work which has to be done before the week starts, you find it hard to focus, you lack the motivation, you are stressed. Some things are not going as per expectation in personal or professional life, someone is being horrible to you, you have the feeling that no one understands you any more, you feel you are not moving forward in life, you feel unloved. These kind of feelings make us feel that we are falling into a bottomless pit, with no control over ourselves what so ever. I can assure you one thing, all of us go through it. The bigger point is, how do you overcome that feeling or phase? How do you find yourself back?

There are days when I feel I don't have the energy to leave the bed and go to work. I see the time, i…


Hello again,
Today I decided to do an eye care post or rather how to take care of the delicate area surrounding the eyes. It's been a long time since I did a post on skincare, it's only fair that I write about dark circles and wrinkles - two of the main concerns that most of us struggle with😦😦.

Our eyes, they express a lot and sometimes they say things which are hard to put into words. If each micro movements of the eye is counted as one step, then our eyes cover 5 miles every day or so I read somewhere recently. They go through a lot and they deserve if not a lot, some care. I feel they are actually the most neglected part of the face. How many of you actually use an eye cream? Honestly, it's been just over a year since I started using an eye cream. Before that I simply used to rub my moisturizer all over my face, which was so wrong. Different facial skins have different requirements. Interesting fact: the area surrounding the eyes are ten times thinner than facial ski…


This might be the silliest post that I have ever written but this is coming straight from my heart. These are the places which I want to visit and hopefully live for a couple of months. It would be a dream come true if I cover all these places. I have already been to a couple of places and that's the reason they are at the bottom of the list. I didn't want to be biased to any of the place so I have listed them down alphabetically. I am smart, aren't I?

Barcelona: city in Spain.

Bled: town in Slovenia.

Copenhagen: capital of Denmark.

Dubrovnik: city in Croatia. Walls of Dubrovnik are as ancient as the time itself.

Helsinki: capital of Finland.

Ladakh:The land of high passes.

Malta: country in Europe.

Prague: capital of Czech Republic.

Santorini: island in the Aegean sea. Country-Greece

Dubai: city in UAE. Have been on a memorable vacation a long long time ago.

London: capital of England. Lived here for almost a year, one of the most amazing year of my life.



Dear Readers, I am writing an open letter, asking for answers to the stupidest questions one can ever ask. Today, 23rd August 2017, feels like the dullest day of my entire existence. I have no idea why, or at least I pretend to be clueless about it. Why I call it dull? Nothing seems to be holding my interest, one second I am here, one second I am there. I am everywhere but I am no where at the same time. 3 comfort meals a day have failed to lift my spirits. My 200 calories dinner, chicken wrap dripping with mayonnaise didn't work either. Loads of cheese usually help, but not today. I have 500 calories in me but none of the calming effect. Food is one of the fail safe options which failed. The non-stop craving for delicious coffee won't go away.
After leaving office, I wanted to go for some retail therapy. But Brussels has a strange rule(or one that makes sense), all the stores close by 19:00. So I thought of going for a walk instead as the weather was good. Belgian weather co…


Hello there,
The weather in Belgium is confusing at the moment. One minute it's sunny, one minute it's raining cats and dogs. Drizzling is the only constant thing, which sucks. It's not officially autumn but it's no longer summer. Picking out an outfit has become tedious once again. Anything from my summer wardrobe requires a jacket as I tend to feel cold a lot and always. I sometimes wonder if I am a zombie😦😦. It's time for a wardrobe revamp and addition of pieces for autumn/winter. I have been putting things I need in notes on my phone and it's a long list(not surprised). I think I should get on with it now without any more scribbling.

Black Silk Shirt: Last year, in London, I think I saw a black silk shirt in Reiss or Whistles, I am no longer sure of it, which I didn't buy for reasons I can't fathom now. It was probably a size issue as I am literally tiny with height of 5 feet 1 and a half inches. I have been on the hunt for a black silk shirt fro…


When I came to Brussels I wrote a post about my first impressions of this place. I am about to complete 3 months here the day after tomorrow so I think it is time for me to write about living in Brussels. You know when you start dating someone new, the feeling that you get is amazing. The world is beautiful, everything is green, the sky is blue, the sea is clear, the stars shine bright, you feel things like that. But a of couple months in the relationship and you start to see the flaws of the other person and you are back to Earth from heaven. Pardon me, but this is the only analogy that came to my head.

I love Brussels, I truly do, but I am beginning to see the flaws which didn't matter at the start of my stay. I have roamed around a lot and I have got some pretty good memories from all over Brussels. I went walking, drinking, running(yes, I get health conscious sometimes), smoking(countable on my fingers), dining and wining(which you might have read about in my ADrunke…


She was scared of the water as she didn't know how to swim. It was only natural for her to feel what she felt. After some persuasion from her friend, she dipped her feet in the water to see how deep it was. The water was cold and still and felt bottomless to her toes and she wondered if a monster would pull her inside the surface and take her to the underground world. She kept splashing the water to keep the imaginary monsters at bay and this action of hers had put a hundred questions in her friend's mind. He was wondering why someone would splash water from a fountain as the water was already everywhere.

He could not contain himself and asked if something was on her mind and as usual, she said no, there isn't a thing that's bothering me. Water monsters don't exist in fountains, they didn't exist at all. It had taken a lot of courage on her part to put her feet in the fountain as the water was green. If the water is not clear she won't be able to see the m…


I am not sure if it is okay to say that I am foodie as I am really picky with what I eat, but yes, I love eating and enjoy what I eat. I love food from all cuisines, the only problem is, I don't eat meat, so finding a place in Brussels which serves only fish or different dishes of fish was pretty tricky. I am basically a pescetarian who also eats chicken. Doesn't make sense, I know.

To summarize, all in all, I love sea food. I came to Brussels two months ago and I am still trying out different things here, and in the process of exploring all the options, I came across this place called Bia Mara, which has a rather different concept than usual food joints. They serve fish and chips along with Belgian and craft beer. Well, Bia Mara means "sea food" in Irish and it is a chain of Irish restaurants. Their menu is quite simple, 6 basic options of fish and chips consisting of Tempura and Panko. Each dish is with a different fish and a different recipe, with a sauce …


Hello galpals,
I am starting a new series in which I will pick a favorite item every month which I have used and loved and feel that it deserves a separate blog post. Well, I have been going crazy over some of the products I have bought from Lush. And before I had bought anything, I had rambled on in so many post that I have to buy so many products from here. You guys might already be bored with my Lush talk but please bear with me one more time as I have come across something amazing🙆🙆. I bought some products, some I was just curious to try, so I asked for samples. Lush is really generous with the samples. The hair care products samples last up to two uses, depending on the hair volume and length where as the skincare samples lasts up to a month, of course depending on the usage.

I have tried the face wash, shampoo, definitely the conditioner, henna, soap, body lotion, eye cream and the unexpected of the unexpected, moisturizer which has SPF and highlighter. Yes, it is none other …