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Hello from Brussels or Bruxelles as the French call it!

All my life, when ever I had a pizza and I complained that the pizza was not cheesy enough or I wish I had ordered a cheese burst pizza instead... All such complaints have been heard. I am in Brussels and cheese is generously used here, be it sandwich or pasta or cheese as a snack. Today I was checking the options for pasta and the choices were one cheese pasta or four cheese pasta. Well it started on the flight itself, the sandwich which was served was so cheesy and delicious.

It's not a week yet since my arrival and I thought of writing about my first impression of Brussels today. So let's start from the airport, after immigration check, getting a taxi was really easy, all I had to do was, get in line, wait for my turn, give the hotel address and enjoy the view on the way to the hotel. It was a beautiful sunny morning with the clear skies. The outskirts looked very sparsely populated till we reached the city center. Al…
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I just thought I will write about all the skincare and other items that I bought in the last few months. I used these products for a few weeks/months before writing this post so that I could give opinion about those products, whether they were worth the money or not.

## I started this post in Bangalore but couldn't finish it as I was insanely busy with packing for Brussels so I am finishing it here in Abu Dhabi waiting for my connecting flight to Brussels. I also missed by Sunday timeline as it is technically 03:00 in India but I am in a different time zone, don't know if that counts.

Clinique Clarifying Lotion: I am in a love hate relationship with this product. Some day I feel it really clears up my skin, some days I feel it does nothing. I am half way through the bottle and I am not sure if I am going to buy it again. I think, I might try to get the one suitable for dry combination skin. Currently the one which I am using is for combination oily skin.πŸ˜•πŸ˜•

Origins Drink Up In…


It's truly said that we regret the things we don't do more than what we have actually done. It's such a shame that I didn't try few brands when I was in London and I absolutely regret it because these products are not available in India. These are some of the top brands with best selling products.

Liz Earle: I think their Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser is the most popular product and it has received multiple awards as well. I am regretting not getting even a travel sized pack. For those of you who have been following my blog from beginning, might remember that it was there on my Wishlist#1.

Lush: My friend(my shopping buddy) used to(still does) go on and on and on about Lush and how amazing their products were. They do really good hair masks and skincare products. So I want to try a lot of different things(especially hair mask and their henna, featured in Wishlist#1) from there so I am not naming any product in particular.

Kielhs: Midnight Recovery Concentrate …


I will be travelling to Brussels soon for two months so I thought of writing about the things that I am going to be packing in my handbag. This post will serve as a checklist for me later when I do the actual packing. Well, I don't know which order to put the things in so I will just write them down in the order in which it pops into my mind. This is a travel essentials post for long haul flight.

Book-It's a must for me as I love reading for pleasure. I will be taking my Kindle, My Precious(Like Gollum from LOTR). While travelling, you have to kill a lot of time at the airport and in the plane, got to do something, isn't it? If I could, I would sleep😫 for the entire flight duration but that happens rarely. More often than not, whenever I am travelling, be it train or flight I am literally surrounded by the biggest cry babies. With sleep out of question, I will fall back to my Kindle to read.πŸ“•πŸ“–

Gum-Favorite time pass!

Passport-Of course.

Then comes the beauty bit…


May has started and 4 months are already over in 2017. When I look back I don't see that I have done much these last few months. I was thinking how I could increase my productivity than what it is currently and thought of sharing my tips with you all in this post.

Make use of cellphone other than using it for Whats App, Facebook, Instagram and obviously for making calls. Make lists of things to do while commuting. Explore calendar features and set reminders for important things so that you don't miss them out. I set reminders for all the important things that I need to take care of including birthdays and anniversaries of family and friends. It gets really ugly if you miss important birthdays.πŸ˜΅πŸ˜ πŸ˜”πŸ˜§

When in doubt go old school. If you don't like to work with your smart phone, you could use a small diary instead to list to do things and strike of as you finish them. We all juggle a lot of tasks and some are bound to slip from mind if not made a note of. So, pick…


In my skincare routine post I had mentioned that I would do a follow up post in which I will list all of my skincare products and this is me keeping my promise.

Almost all my products are from Clinique and you might be wondering why so. Last year my skin was in the worse condition ever due to central heating, harsh cold winter and few other things which were out of my control. I had started getting flaky skin on my face, especially chin area which wouldn't go away with scrubbing or moisturizing. At that time I didn't use toner at all because I felt it was unnecessary. The problem was the skin's natural moisture barrier was broken and it was unable to retain moisture that I applied and wouldn't heal. I was actually embarrassed to go out because no matter what amount of moisturizer I applied or how heavy a moisturizer I applied my face would either look like it was covered with petroleum jelly or absolutely white and flaky.

I discussed this problem with my friend(who is…


Evening! I am done with early dinner and I am caught up on the new episodes of my favorite TV series. I had two options now, writing a blog post or doing laundry and I decided to go with the first option and write about healthy living. These things might look like very silly but they have definitely changed my life.
Early dinner: It might seem stupid that I have dinner by 20:00 even though I sleep by 23:00. But I give 2-3 hours for the food to get digested before I hit the pillow. When you sleep, your body rests and repairs itself. If you have dinner and go to sleep immediately, you will rest,of course but your digestive system will be working and will get little rest than it should. Dinner should be the lightest meal of the day and I do follow that religiously. Yes, I tend to get hungry sometimes but then I make a cup of green tea which relaxes me and preps me for bed.
Water: This is the elixir of life. Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day or more depending on your physical act…


Good morning,
Last night once I was back from work, all I could think of was to catch up on my favorite TV series. Prison Break Season 5 has started, also Big Bang Theory airs on Thursday night US time so I watch it on Friday evening. Once I watched the latest episodes of both the series it got me thinking weather Prison Break season 5 will be as good as season 1. Then I started thinking about my favorite TV series and if I had to pick only 5 series which ones will those be. It was quite difficult as I watch quite a lot of series but I did manage to pick 5 series which I absolutely think are worth watching. It might contain spoilers so read at your own risk.😱

Game of Thrones:In the name of Mukulika of the House Madhoor, the First of her Name, Queen of the Laziness and Shoes and Skincare, Queen of Sleep and Protector from pimples, Lady of Winter and Warden of the North, I sentence you to be my TV favorite series of all times.
Jokes aside, this is by far the best TV series which I have…


It's Friday and I am back with yet another post. My friend asked me to blog about my skincare routine and I was delighted😍 as this was the first suggestion that I was ever given about my blog. Also, there is nothing easier than writing about skincare. So I will get on with it now. Cleanse, Tone and Moisturize are the 3 steps that I follow twice a day. Scrubbing and Masking are limited to twice a week.

Cleanse/Wash: This is the easiest step of all, the only things to consider while choosing a face wash is, it should be according to your skin type. The correct face wash can make a huge difference as face wash suitable for oily skin might strip the moisture from dry skin and the face wash for dry skin might not be effectively removing the sebum/dirt from skin surface. Basically there are 4 skin types. Dry, dry combination, oily combination and oily. Identifying your skin type is vital as the same rule will be applicable to the moisturizer as well.

Tone: Many people think it …


Welcome to my world of confusion,
While returning home from work today I was browsing the latest shoes collection online and I was impressed by a couple of them. I really wanted to add them in the cart and order them right away. But then I stopped for a moment to count the number of shoes I already had and the number came up to 9. Any more shoes and I would cross the single digit mark. Then I thought what's the big deal, if I have 9 pairs of shoes and sneakers, I can have 10. I might have to keep a few pair of shoes in the boxes which I use occasionally to make space for the new ones in the shoes stand. Don't we all think this at one point or the other?πŸ˜πŸ˜–πŸ˜³
Then I started thinking what is the perfect number of shoes that one should have? It confused me. Black ballerinas, tan loafers, brown boots, a pair of red heels, grey gladiators for summer, green funky wedges, yellow peep toes, blue sneakers to go to the gym, printed espadrilles, floral platforms, pointy shoes in snake …


Top of the evening to ya,

March is about to end and it's already too hot in the afternoons. The question which I am asking myself is, is it summer already? Summer is a time for floral and pastel clothes. Thinking of all these things I am writing about 5 things which are an absolute essential for me in my summer wardrobe.

White Shirt/top: There is nothing as versatile as a white shirt(or a white top) among all the clothing pieces. It can be worn as a formal or a casual depending on what you pair it with. Shirts with lacy details can be worn for night out. Chikankari is very much in trend this season and I have been eyeing up a particular white shirt with intricate thread work. If white is not your color, of course you could go with any pastel color.

Denim: Too many options, where to start... jeans-boyfriend jeans, girlfriend jeans, distressed denim jeans, shorts, skirts so on and on. I am so bored of regular jeans that I am thinking of buying a really cool pair of boyfriend denim,…


It's Sunday night and I just thought of writing a small post on my top 5 favourite BodyShop products before Monday comes and turns everything blue.

BodyButter: I am sure that everyone who has used any product from BodyShop has definietly used the body butter. It's probably their most popular body care product. I have been using the Wild Argan Oil body butter and it moistures the skin well leaving it soft and smooth. There is no greasy layer on the skin and gets absorbed super quick. I am sure everyone hates flaky skin in any weather. The smell is another plus point of this product. There is a very wide range of flavors in body butter range to suits everyone's preference in smell and texture.πŸ˜€

Honey and Beewax Hand & Feet Butter: This product is from their Spa Wisdom line. Moisturises hands and feet well, the hydration last quite long. The product is quite thick but gets absorbed well in the coarse skin of feet and hand. The product comes in a cute tub and smel…



It's Sunday morning and I am up early contemplating whether I should go back to bed or not over a hot coffee. I might realize what I actually want by the time I am done with this blog.

Chanel No 5: The most classic perfume ever, or as Chanel puts it "Now and Forever fragrance". It's floral and luxurious, just how I like it. I bet its on your list too. If yes, leave a comment below. 😊

Dior Lip Sugar Scrub: This scrub is absolutely fab as it moisturizes lips while exfoliating and leaves the lips looking with the most beautiful color. We all do so much to take of our skin but for lips, we just put on any lip balm that we get our hands on. Lipsticks look best on healthy moisturized lips and that's what I want.

DiorLisse Abricot smoothing perfecting nail care: I love love love French manicure. Nothing is as classy, sophisticated and polished as the French manicured nails. It beats all the other nail colors in my opinion. What do you think?

Dior Vernis nail pol…



I have been meaning to blog since the beginning of this year, but I kept postponing it due to my laziness, my Colombo trip and tons of other excuses.
But finally I am writing down the things which are on my wishlist for quite sometime now. To keep it short and simple I will list down only 5 things in each post or the list would consume all the tissue rolls in the world ;)

Clinique Clarifying Lotion: I love lots of Clinique products and they are always, always insisting on the importance of the 3 step, cleansing, toning and
moisturizing for healthier skin day by day. I already use their liquid facial soap and dramatically different moisturizing lotion/gel(depending on the weather). It's time to complete my 3-steps to cleanse, tone and moisturize.

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser: Have heard tons of good reviews about and cleansing face twice in the night is an excellent idea. It helps preserve collagen and face which has trace of dirt or makeup can age a lot f…